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"To be heard without fear of judgement or criticism is imperative on the road to healing. Shoshana has an amazing ability of listening and really hearing what is being said in order to help the couples and individuals she counsels. Meeting with her even once, her experience and capabilities are evident. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for a deeper understanding of themselves or in need of restoring their relationships."
- Married female client, age 34
She is a kind and intuitive person who can simplify and turn issues into resolutions in the blink of an eye. I love that Shoshana does not judge or shame or reprimand. Shoshana is an active listener. She uses encouragement and support to generate growth and change
- Female Client, age 36

Shoshana is more than a therapist for me. I consider her a life coach, helping me through more than just relationship problems but giving me the right mental tools to handle whatever life throws at me.

- Male Client, age 28
"Shoshana was there for my daughter when she really needed help. My daughter was in a very fragile state: severely depressed, sleepless, and feeling much too lifeless for someone her age. Shoshana was able to reach her. She saved my daughter during a very difficult time. My daughter continues to see her and she is doing well. I am so grateful to have found a therapist that could pull her out of that darkness!"
- Mother of female client, age 10

"Shoshana found a way to get us talking again -- about the important things -- and weed out the unimportant. She put us back on track and saved our marriage!"

- Couple of 29 years
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